Ryan Hickman, 7 Years Old Boy Who Successfully Opened a Garbage Recycling Business

A 7-year-old boy in Orange County, California, has turned trash into valuables. Ryan Hickman launches his own garbage recycling business and saves the results for college.

Ryan Hickman was inspired to do this business when he was invited by his father to visit a local rubbish recycling site when Ryan was only three years old.

Damion Hickman, the father, said, “He really likes to sort things out, and he likes to put the bottles in the recycling machine.”

“He might be able to get two or three hundred dollars, and he is very happy about it,” Damion added.

A Young Entrepreneur

When little Ryan Hickman returned home, he and his father sent plastic bags to their neighbors. This was done so that Ryan could collect and sell cans and bottles thrown away by his neighbors.

His friends, relatives, and coworkers join Ryan’s business, and Ryan officially holds the status of a young entrepreneur. Ryan Hickman spent most of his time sorting and cleaning bottles and cans that he had collected over several weeks, then bring it to the recycling site.

After four years in the business, Ryan’s family believes that he has recycled more than 200 thousand bottles and cans. Ryan has also saved around 10,000 dollars for tuition, although Ryan himself wanted to use the money to buy his own garbage truck.

What Influenced Ryan

For Ryan, the waste recycling business is something that benefits all parties. It helps the environment to be cleaner and can also make money. Ryan is very passionate about his waste recycling business, and he wants to spread that passion to everyone.

Andrea Hickman, his mother, said, “I think Ryan has influenced us all. It happened that way when we walk and find garbage cans or bottles, we will pick it up, not just leave it behind. ”

Ryan Hickman’s success in becoming a businessman in recycling bottles and cans certainly also came from the support of his parents. Therefore, we should emulate what Ryan’s parents did.

They supported Ryan’s fondness for playing with trash and leading him to a better destination, as showed by Ryan’s father, who took him to a garbage recycling site. So that raises the idea in the mind of the kid to start a business.

So from now on, let’s support your child’s hobbies and preferences. Whatever form it takes, we never know that maybe the joy will bring it to success like Ryan.