Register Your Waste Recycle Program Now!

Want to help reduce waste but don’t know where to start? That is indeed the dilemma of many of us, who are already concerned about the worsening environmental conditions in Indonesia. Especially if you read or see the news about how turtles or other marine animals are disturbed because of plastic waste.

Data from the Central Statistics Agency in Indonesia show that plastic waste reaches around 8 million tons per year. This fact places Indonesia as the second-largest contributor to plastic waste in 2018.

Actually, there have been many waste recycling programs carried out by companies, organizations, community groups, and even the government. You can start with the following programs.

Collect Waste to Waste4Change and Follow Golimbah Waste Research

Waste4Change is a social enterprise that was founded in 2014 with the mission of providing environmentally friendly and responsible waste management services for waste-free Indonesia.

They often work with several companies to assist in waste management. One of the projects is Agen SBOBET by fulfilling customer needs with poker games and other gambling activities, which the fund raised in online poker site will be donated to waste research.

We can also help Waste4Change in managing our own waste through their shelter or dropbox. We can voluntarily put trash in the location of the dropbox closest to us.

Before placing waste, we must first sort our waste based on its type – organic, inorganic, and residue (waste that is difficult to recycle). After that, it will be put in Waste4Change (location here), which will conduct data collection and recycling.

We can also participate in the research of Golimbah, a technology company that was founded on the basis of environmental stewardship and concern about the conditions in Indonesia. The company often invites people to participate in their research to collect specific waste and determine what it should be processed into.

They, for example, once collected packets of instant noodles from the community and tried to process them into the oil. This oil is similar to kerosene and even more economical. Their latest research is to collect packs of the remaining facial masks. There is garbage that is processed into fertilizer, animal feed, and solid fuel.

Recycling Makeup and Skin Care Packaging

A number of cosmetology and facial care brands have already shown their concern for the environment by collecting their used product packaging.

The Body Shop gives point rewards to consumers who return their product bottles through the Bring Back Our Bottles campaign. These bottles are then recycled into items that are useful for community empowerment, such as buckets, brooms, and others. This campaign has received two awards from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for initiatives in reducing waste and also Indonesia’s Best Corporate Social.

The Innisfree brand has a campaign known as Empty Bottle Recycling that started in 2003 and has collected more than 12.5 million empty used bottles in Korea. Consumers also get rewards if we return the bottles, such as point rewards, discounts, and other attractive promos.