Residential Recycling Tips

There are still many people around us who burn plastic waste, together with other types of garbage. But actually, this is not safe for health and the environment because it produces toxic white smoke. That’s why you should know how to manage household waste.

There are still many who are confused tips on how to manage waste at home so that it does not cause adverse effects on health or the environment.

The purpose of proper waste management is to make waste economic value or turn it into material that does not endanger the environment.

With proper management of household waste, you can help to reduce the negative impact of trash on the environment. Summarized from various sources, here are some steps to manage waste that can bring benefits.

Separate the Trash Type

Garbage can be divided into two types, namely organic and inorganic waste. Prepare two different bins in the house that are specific to each kind of trash.

Organic waste is rubbish that comes from nature, such as food scraps or leaves. In other words, all waste that can be decomposed easily is organic.

While plastic, rubber, glass, and cans, waste is included in the category of inorganic waste. Inorganic waste should be disposed of in a place that has a plastic fuser or a recycling tool.

How To Recycle

The easiest way to manage organic household waste is to make it into compost that can be used for gardening.

However, if you don’t like gardening or don’t like the aroma created during composting, you can donate organic waste to friends who have a hobby of gardening or plant sellers. Thus you can still manage organic waste well.

Some inorganic waste can be recycled, such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles, plastic bottles, or cans. You can check the recycled logo on the packaging of food or drinks that have been purchased.

If there is a recycled logo, then the food packaging can be recycled. Take the inorganic rubbish to the nearest rubbish recycling center, or you can also give it to scavengers.

Separate hazardous waste to be taken to the recycling center. The recycling center staff certainly knows how to recycle hazardous waste so as not to damage the environment.

For electronic goods that have been damaged, aka becoming trash, you can return it to the company that produced it. Some electronics companies accept used electronic goods for them to be recycled back into new electronic products. For example, if you have a casino slot machine that already broken, you could return it to Agen SBOBET Terpercaya to be fixed.

You can also throw electronic waste into electronic waste or e-waste bins that have been provided by local governments.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R)

Cultivate the reduce, reuse, and recycle lifestyle or commonly known as 3R. Get used to reduce the use of plastic or other materials that are difficult to decompose.

Then don’t forget to use used items so they can be reused like using old plastic bottles to be used as plant pots. Besides, many more used items can be reused with your creative ideas.

Finally, don’t forget to do ways to manage household waste and recycle inorganic waste to continue to bring benefits to the environment.