How to Make Money From Plastic Recycling

How to Recycle Plastic Trash

This recycling of waste or plastic waste refers to storing and reprocessing the plastic so that it becomes another useful product. The way to recycle plastic waste is as follows:

1. Get to know the type of plastic first. This will make it easier for you to do the sorting later.

2. If you have, start sorting plastic waste that you have, can be based on color or resin content.

3. After that, start cleaning the plastic garbage so that you no longer disgusted to hold it with your hands directly.

4. If there is still some plastic, you can use, use what is commonly called the Reuse technique. For example, used plastic bottles of soap, you can use them to store more liquid soap or other liquids that should not be intended for consumption.

5. But if you are more interested in turning these wastes into plastic ores, you can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the plastic is clean from various contaminants, whether it’s paper, other types of plastic, or the rest of the contents that are still in it.
  • For hollow plastic, such as a bottle, you need to flatten it. First, you can step on it, or if you have one, you can use a pressing machine.
  • If so, start inserting the plastic into the plastic chopper machine so that the plastic turns into smaller pieces.
  • Next, do the separation between lightweight plastic debris and heavy plastic debris. In this case, you can use water or a particular machine. The purpose of this separation is to ensure that one type of plastic waste does not mix with the other models because every kind of plastic produces a final product that is also not the same.
  • After that, wash the plastic chips using detergent so that there are no more contaminants left. Then, use a particular machine to distinguish the types of synthetic resin, then dry.
  • After drying, melt the plastic to make it easier to reshape it. It can be formed into new shapes or formed into plastic granules.

Examples of Waste Recycling / Plastic Waste

The way to recycle plastic waste above requires you to buy the machines that are needed, and if you look at it, the method is indeed a little complicated. Not like casino slot machine, where you can play SBOBET freely, to operate recycle machine you have to read the manual book for the guide before recycle process. Now, if you don’t want to do something like that in this recycling, you can turn that plastic waste directly into other handy things, for example:

  • Pencil case from a plastic bottle
  • Book organizer from used plastic jerry cans
  • Piggybank from used plastic bottles
  • Pot for planting plants from large plastic bottles
  • A small wallet is usually made of 2 pieces under the plastic bottle which is joined with a zipper
  • Candleholder from a plastic bottle
  • Container accessories from plastic bottles
  • Curtain from plastic bottles or used plastic drink glasses
  • Silencer
  • Where to eat pets
  • Vehicle parking canopy
  • Lanterns
  • Plastic bags