This is the Danger of Plastic Waste in the Sea Which is Still Underestimated

There is a lot of plastic garbage that drifts into the sea. This is dangerous for living things that exist in the sea. What are the dangers?


Plastic waste is the biggest marine waste. According to NOAA, marine debris is defined as goods in the form of plastics or objects that are directly or indirectly, whether intentionally or not, left in the territorial waters of the sea. There are plastic materials that are easily biodegradable on land. But this material will still be difficult to decompose in the ocean.

Plastic waste takes a very long time to decompose. Garbage that requires the shortest amount of time to decompose is a plastic bag. Plastic bags take 10-20 years to decompose, while the longest is a plastic bottle that takes 450 years to decompose.


If left unchecked, plastic waste will accumulate in the ocean. This will endanger living things that live in the sea. What are the dangers?

Interferes with digestion and poison

Marine animals can consume small plastic debris on the seabed. If it enters the stomach, this plastic waste will interfere with digestion. Plastic waste also contains poisons. If ingested, these animals can be poisoned. This can even cause death.

Disturb mangroves and coral reefs

Mangrove ecosystems and coral reefs can be disturbed because of the plastic waste. Plastic waste can get stuck in the mangrove roots. This causes the mangroves can not breathe and interfere with growth. Likewise, with coral reefs. This sea plant will be difficult to breathe if the surface is covered by plastic.

Hurting marine animals


Plastic waste can also hurt animals at sea. Sometimes, they can get tangled up by the garbage or covered with plastic. If that’s the case, it’s hard for them to break away. Eventually, they will get hurt because of being entangled continuously or trying to escape.

Already know about the dangers of plastic waste for living things that live in the sea? Therefore, reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. Bring your drink and shopping bags from home, so you don’t use plastic. In addition, do not litter!